Holger Schulz


The artist Holger Schulz and his sculpture New Blindness silver and wood



The artist's sculptures are created using two main materials: silver and wood.


His figures are first modelled in wax and then cast using a traditional "lost wax“ technique.


Each figure is mounted on its own wooden stand, which then forms an integral part of the finished sculpture.


The dark colour of the burnt wood contrasts dramatically with the silver, and the interplay of the two materials contributes considerably to the effect of the figure. 






"My sculptures are meant to set in motion thoughts, emotions and ideas –

stories can then  surface in the beholder's mind."




Holger Schulz med skulpturen Ms Longstocking silvergjutning, trä, borst

Holger Schulz creates sculptures which can amuse, delight or make one thoughtful.


His figures are simple yet expressive. Their lifelike postures and small intimate details distinguish them. The accurate depiction of hands and feet are of great importance to the artist, whilst faces are represented with the merest hint of a nose.

The artist Holger Schulz Sweden burning wood